Hawk was one of the first Shadow angels to help form the four Tribes along with Vixen, Blu and Marsh. She later became leader of the Tribe of Darkness. Hawk's first appearance in the series is in the beginning of season 2 when Fang returns to find the new Tribes. Hawk was chosen to become leader by a vote from the other angels. Fang however thinks Hawk is a bad leader and wishes he could take over her position. Hawk lives in constant fear of being murdered by Fang and trys to stay away from him at all costs.


Hawk is a sleek orange and black Shadow angel with distinct star markings on her forhead and left leg. She wears a dark blue coller around her neck with one black spike on it. Hawk's eyes are a pale green that sometimes change to a light hazel. Her wings are yellow and black in color.


Hawk can be described as mild-mannered and cautious. Hawk is very serious about her Tribe dutys and hardly ever slacks off. She can be very persuasive with others and she makes friends easily. Hawk though does live in fear of being killed but she trys to push it aside to assist her Tribe.


High jumperEdit

Hawk is able to jump very high with her powerful back legs.

Quick thinkerEdit

Hawk always thinks her way out of situations.

Weather prodictionsEdit

Hawk is known to prodict what the weather will be like with her wind direction sences.

Land expanderEdit

Hawk is known to leave for a long period of time to search for new land other then Crimsonton to expand her territory. Hawk woulden't dare tell her Tribe where she was going. If Fang was to find out that there is more land other then Crimsonton, he could take it over.

Fire resistant wingsEdit

Fang once attacked Hawk by throwing a ball of fire at her. Hawk wrapped her wings around her body and the fire bounced off her wing feathers. She now knows that they are fire proof.

Light sleeperEdit

Because of Hawk's fear of being murdered, she hardley ever sleeps.


-able to command thunder and lightning

-has fire resistand wings

-able to prodict the weather

-able to make an ear pearceing screech like a real hawk would

-able to shoot stars out of her mouth and paws